JSLIS Symposium 09/MAR/2019

JSLIS will have a symposium titled “Future of library and information research and education” at Meiji University Izumi Library Hall on 9th March, 2019. Panelists are: Prof. Umino Bin, Toyo University, Prof. Matsumoto Naoki, Keio University, and Prof. Magnus Pfeffer, Hochschule fuer Medien (HDM) in Stuttgart, Germany. The details will be available later. The Symposium will be co-organized by Meiji University Library and Goethe-Institut Tokyo.

Tentative schedule is as follows:

13:00 floor opening: Prof. Taro Miura, Meiji University, will chair.
13:15-13:25 opening remarks by Prof. Mitsuhiro Oda, president of JSLIS, and Prof. Etsushi Yoshida, Librarian of Meiji University Library
13:25-14:00 presentation by Prof. Bin Umino, Toyo University
14:00-14:35 presentation by Prof. Naoki Matsumoto, Keio University
14:35-15:35 presentation by Prof. Magnus Pfeffer, Hochschule fuer Medien (HDM) in Stuttgart (35 minutes presentation and 25 minutes consecutive interpretation)
15:35-15:45 break
15:45-16:25 panel discussion
16:25-16:30 closing address, Ms. Michaela Bodesheim, Head of Library and Information Services, Goethe-Institut Tokyo