Symposium (March 2020)

JSLIS held a symposium titled “Across the Border: Pedagogical Approach to Library and Information Science” at room 4021, Global Front, Surugadai campus, Meiji University on 7th March 2020.
Research methods and findings of boundary fields are thought-provoking for LIS. This time, we focus on pedagogy and discuss about the possibility of LIS research and education from viewpoints of educational administration, teachers, and children.
Application address: (by 2nd March)

13:30-13:35 opening remarks
13:35-13:45 overview by Prof. Iwasaki Rei, Kyoto Notredom University
13:45-14:20 presentation by Mr. Shimizu Koichi, Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education
14:20-14:55 presentation by Prof. Ohira Mutsumi, Kyoto Sangyo University
14:55-15:30 presentation by Prof. Sakai Kuniyoshi, University of Tokyo
15:30-15:45 Q&A
15:45-16:25 panel discussion
16:25-16:30 closing address