Membership benefits

The members of JSLIS are entitled to:

  • Receive the Journal of the Japan Society of Library and Information Science (4 issues/year) and the JSLIS Newsletter (Japanese only).
  • Submit their paper to the Journal (individual members only).
  • Submit their abstracts as the first authors to the annual conference and spring research meeting (individual members only).
  • Get reduced rates to the annual conference and spring research meeting (individual members only).
    Vote for board members (full members only).

Membership fees

Entry fee: 1,000 yen

Annual membership fees:

  • Individual member:
  • Full member: 5,000 yen
  • Student member: 2,000 yen
  • Institutional member:
  • Supporting member: 150,000 yen
  • Corporate member: 15,000 yen

Please note that the annual membership fee covers the membership for each fiscal year (from April to March in Japan).

Membership applications

Those who can meet the following criteria are entitled to be members of JSLIS:

  • Full members: those who are engaged in research or practice in LIS, or any other individuals who are interested in the field.
  • Student members: those who are studying LIS at colleges, universities, or graduate schools, or any other students who are interested in the field.
  • Corporate members: libraries or related institutions
  • Supporting members: Individuals or institutions who support the purposes of the Society and intend to assist in its activities.

Membership application (you may download the form here) should be sent to the JSLIS secretariat via e-mail or by post. Recommendation by a member is required. (If you have difficulties in finding members of JSLIS, please consult the secretariat.) For the prerequisites to be a student member, please consult the secretariat.

Your application will be reviewed by the Executive Committee. Once your application is accepted, the secretariat will send you the notification of acceptance, along with the instructions for the payment of fees.

For any further information and questions, please contact the secretariat.